Soapy - fighting Covid-19 in a smart way

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When Soapy Care was founded in 2018, its co-founders couldn’t have imagined the global pandemic that would follow less than two years later. Now, with the ongoing discussion on the best measures to prevent infections of COVID-19, “the single most agreed upon measure is handwashing,” says Soapy CEO Max Simonovsky.

The smart hygiene startup develops smart sinks for restaurants, factories, schools and nursing homes around the world. As COVID-19 spread, global health chiefs have hailed hand washing as one of the most important ways to prevent catching the virus. “And while that sounds simple, there are a few hidden layers to the practice that are necessary in order to make it effective,” Simonovsky adds, such as performing it often, employing a correct technique and an appropriate duration.

Based on computer vision analytics and IoT technologies, Soapy’s ECO Hygiene Micro-Stations indicate duration and wash-quality to the users in real-time and keep the wash-cycle data within the SoapyWisdom database, enabling facility managers to have a more informed conversation about hand hygiene quality and frequency with employees. “As we return to our workplaces, it has become a corporate responsibility to provide sufficient infrastructure for hygiene. The ECO Hygiene Micro-Stations provide just that, and are simple to install in a variety of locations,” Max says.

After graduating from the 8200Impact program, with a network of mentors and having reached an initial market fit reach, the team is now expanding globally, setting up distribution channels and developing a home unit. According to its founders, since the beginning of the outbreak, the Soapy team has been receiving unprecedented attention and inquiries about their product, from over 60 countries around the world.